Ministerial assistants

  • Dennis datsomor

    Dennis Datsomor was born in Tokyo, Japan to Ghanaian parents.

    He began attending church at the young age of 8, and became involved in the Music Ministry as a teenager.

    Dennis came to Vancouver in 2004 to attend the University of British Columbia, and has become an active member of Maranatha Ministries. He is involved in the Worship (Music) Team, Youth Committee, and sings in special ensembles.

department heads

  • Worship Director

    Nepha Alcantara was born and raised in the Philippines.

    Since she began serving God in 1993, she has been involved in many different ministries, both in the church in Manilla and now in Maranatha Ministries.

    Nepha has been greatly involved in the Music Ministry. She sang in the choir and served as worship leader in the Philippines.

    She is currently Maranatha Ministries' worship leader, choir director and sings in both the choir and special ensembles. 

department heads


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