Pastoral Family

Pastor Sims was born and raised in Panama City, Florida. After high school he went to St. Paul, Minnesota and graduated from the Apostolic Bible Institute. He has been in the ministry for 49 years and has pastored Maranatha Ministries for the last 28 years.

He has served as Assistant Pastor, Youth Pastor, District Youth Secretary and District Presbyter, as well as worked in Prison Ministry, Men's Ministry and numerous other ministries of the church.

Pastor Sims has also preached and ministered in 12 foreign missions fields.

Pastor and his wife have two children: Anthony and Angela, and five grandchildren: Austin, Andrew, Alex, Marissa, and Jakob Dylan.

Shelia Sims was born in Moro, Arkansas. She attended the Apostolic Bible Institute and there met her husband, Larry Sims. They were married in Little Rock, Arkansas in June of 1970.

Shelia and Pastor Sims have worked together in the ministry for 47 years. They worked with Rev. Dan Stirenman in the Minnesota District before moving to Pensacola, Florida, to assist Rev. Bob Glass. In 1977, they took their first church in Smithville, Tennessee and it was there that Shelia became involved in the Ladies' Ministry.

In 1989, Pastor and Shelia Sims moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, to take the pastorate of Maranatha Ministries. Shelia has continued her involvement in the Ladies' Ministry in the British Columbia District, and was elected Ladies' President in 2002.

Shelia is a retreat speaker, teacher, organizer, secretary/bookkeeper as well as a writer.

Anthony Sims was born in Pensacola, Florida and raised near Nashville, Tennessee. His wife Leah was born and raised in Knoxville, Iowa, where they reside at this time. They have three sons: Austin, 20 years old; Andrew, 15 years old and Alex, who is 13 years old.

Anthony and Leah attended Indiana Bible College for one year and then Anthony joined the US Army. He has served in Kuwait twice. He has also served in Baghdad, Iraq for one year, and while there, was in charge of setting up fire stations in the Sunni Triangle. He is currently serving in the US Army Reserves as Staff Sergeant and Assistant Chief in the Military Fire Department. He also serves as a volunteer fireman for the community of Knoxville, Iowa and is currently attending a local college to become a Rigistered Nurse.

Leah studied in a local college, and is now a Registered Nurse.

Austin is in the US Air Force Reserve and studying at a local college to become a Registered Nurse. Andrew's main interest is hunting and fishing. Alex dreams of becoming a professional fireman or a tournament bow fisherman.

Angela McDonald was born in Pensacola, Florida and raised near Nashville, Tennessee. She moved to Canada with her parents and remained there until she graduated from high school and left to attend Indiana Bible College. In 1998 she married Micheal McDonald, whom she met while attending Calvary Christian Academy. Micheal was born and raised in British Columbia, Canada.

Mike served as Youth Pastor at Maranatha Ministries from 1998-2004, while Angela served as Music Director. In the spring of 2004 God called them into the evangelistic field, where they served until Michael pastored for a while in Wyoming and then served as principle of CCA, a Christian School in Camden, Tennesse, where they currently reside. They have two children: Marissa, 17 years old, and Jakob Dylan, who is 14 years old. Their family has ministered in 35 states and 2 provinces in the last 12 & 1/2 years.

Mike is a muti-tradesman and Angela is an accomplished musician, worship leader and music director in the church they attend in Camden, Tenesse. 

Mike enjoys sports, and Angela loves music and likes to design and create accessories for Pentecostal ladies. Marissa's main interest is her dogs and volleyball. She is an accomplished player and team captain for Camden High School. Jakob enjoys hockey and golfing.